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Fernando Fernández 

Chief Investigator

Fernando Fernández is a licensed private investigator with a proven 15-year track record of solving cases across the Caribbean and the United States. From his home base in Puerto Rico, Fernández is well known for creatively and [...]

Jose Medina_edited.jpg

José Medina

Executive Assistant

José works providing services to our clients through a wide range of resources and performs such services with reliability, responsibility, and experience in the most cost-effective way for the clients. Also, José is a master yoga teacher and loves to help people in his spare time.


Ingrid Figueroa

Associated Investigator & Office Manager

A Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice with a major in Forensic Investigations and years of experience make her a valuable asset to our company. She is our Forensic Documents Examiner and has developed mainly as a calligrapher and graphology expert. Adaptation, relationship building, and communication is the best way to describe Ingrid's work in our team. Her dedication to complete the company's objectives is unmatched. She is a hardworking, caring mother and a loving wife who loves to travel.


Yaitza Torres Ortíz

Process Server

A Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and years of experience in the security industry. Passionate about everything related to law, order, and justice. She loves to travel and explore new places. 


Sheldon Borenstein is an experienced forensics artist whose unique background allows him to specialize in a diverse range of fields. He is an expert at crime scene, homicide, arson, facial, and aging reconstruction, as well as identification. 


Lyanne L. Flores

Media Director

Lyanne is a publicist graduated from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Advertising with a concentration in Advertising Production Design. She has grow professionally in the entertainment industry managing public figures and artists. She has excelled mainly in the Management of Social Media, Public Relations and Digital Marketing. Lyanne has also dedicated herself to combining her knowledge with her passion for arts and has established her own marketing business.

Sheldon Borenstein

Forensic Artist

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