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Today’s background checks are a lot more than just criminal checks. In today’s fast-paced society, it's important to know if someone close to you is involved in something criminal. You could end up paying the cost legally, financially, and personally. People around us can betray us, and we rarely take the time to make sure that the people we entrust are in fact trustworthy.

With a background check, that can change. Today's pre-employment, personal, and caregiver background checks allow us to find out about someone legally before we give them the power to harm us or our loved ones. Today's professional background checks can help you learn persons driving record, credit history, education history, and criminal record before you trust them. Large corporations routinely run business background checks and employment background checks to stay safe. Don’t you deserve at least the same level of security for yourself and your family?

Who needs background checks?

There are many reasons why you may need to run a background check:

Employee background checks: Not running employment background checks can make you liable if an employee with a criminal record uses your business to commit crimes.

Criminal background check: Estimates suggest that 9-10% of the US population has a criminal record. Knowing that someone you trust falls into this percentage it can protect you from crime and fraud.

Personal background checks: When using dating services, background checks can help ensure that the person you’re meeting is safe. Personal background checks can also bring you peace of mind about a neighbor's or friend’s behavior.

Caregiver background checks: According to some statistics, up to 14% of child abuse is attributed to caregivers such as nannies and babysitters. Also, a very high percentage of abuse of the elderly is caused by caregivers. These background checks can help you prevent a tragedy.

Pre-employment background checks: According to some studies, between 10 and 30% of all job applicants lie about their education and qualifications. A background check can let you know whom you are really hiring.
Online background checks: There are many services that allow you to run a background check using your computer. In fact, some companies even offer free background checks to their online customers. If you need to check someone either you know personally or someone you met online, an online background check can be a quick way to do so.

Tenant background checks: If you will be subletting, renting, or otherwise allowing someone to stay on your property, a tenant background check can let you know how reliable and honest your would-be renter really is.

At Covert Intelligence, LLC we can help you to perform the best background check base on your needs, we can retrieves:

Puerto Rico Police Check Arrest and Complaint Records DMV History Check Address Verification Credit History Records Professional License Check Criminal and Civil Court Records, OFAC – Terrorist List, USA Criminal Report, Employment Verification, Education Verification, Social Security Trace, Motor Vehicles Records, Many others…

At Covert Intelligence, LLC we guarantee to follow all the federal and local state regulations to perform any background or pre-employment check, some of these are Fair Credit Reporting Act, The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLB), among many other state laws and regulations.

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