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Your peace of mind is valuable. We believe in preserving it by using high-quality investigative services and technologies. From cases of marital infidelity to business theft, from insurance fraud to international investigations, no matter what area of investigation is needed, we can step up and find your answers.

We pride ourselves in using the latest technology to get information that ordinarily would be impossible to find. We use a variety of methods and take a holistic approach to get what you are looking for.

In our company we are prepared and have the skills to help you with these other services:

  1. Asset Protection

  2. Asset Searches

  3. Asset Tracing

  4. Bug Sweep and Detection

  5. Counter Surveillance 

  6. Counterfeiting

  7. Covert Human Intelligence

  8. Cyber Security

  9. Debtor Tracing

  10. GPS Vehicle Tracking

  11. Intelligence Gathering

  12. Lifestyle Check

  13. Litigation Support

  14. Open Source Intelligence

  15. Penetration Testing

  16. Polygraph Testing

  17. Travel Risk Management

There is no need to lose valuable time, profits, or sleepover issues that can be cleared up with a proper investigation. Let us do the difficult work because you need to know NOW!

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