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“Winning or losing a federal criminal case all depends on the investigation”

We investigate base on the 6th amendment… to have a compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in favor. At Covert Intelligence, LLC we will perform the investigation process necessary in each case. At Covert Intelligence, LLC we are trained to guarantee you the best investigation base on the book Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method – A Comprehensive Guide for the Criminal Defense Investigator.


The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation:

1. Philosophy and Methodology of Investigation
2. Law- Legal Defenses – Defense Theories
3. Forensic Case Review & Analysis – Component 1
4. The Defendant Interview – Component 2
5. Crime Scene Examination – Component 3
6. Impeachment/Background Inquiries – Component 4
7. Witness Interviewing & Statements – Component 5
8. Report Writing & Testifying – Component 6

Also Forensic & Specialized Topics can be part of our investigation:

1. Sex Crimes Investigations
2. Computer Forensics and Data Recovery Techniques
3. Blood Spatter Analysis / Blood Detection
4. Medical/Death Investigations
5. Homicide Investigation – Theory and Practice

In every investigation, we need to confirm or dismiss an alibi, credibility of witnesses, and base on the National Legal Aid Defender. Attorneys have the duty to conduct an independent investigation regardless of the accuser’s admissions or statement to the lawyer of facts constituting guilt and the investigation should be conducted as promptly as possible. Also, the attorney has the duty to investigate the case before recommending that a guilty plea be taken or sought. An investigation is necessary for proper legal advice to the client and our investigators have special training that allows us to do a better job.

Covert Intelligence, LLC investigators are specialized as Federal Criminal Defense Investigators providing assistance in federal criminal cases and also can be appointed by the Criminal Justice Act guidelines (CJA) to act, provide, assist and represent defendants as an investigator.

Also assisting the defendant's legal representation in the gathering of evidence, information, identifying possible witnesses, interviews, taking sworn statements, crime scene photos, analyzing discovery evidence, preparing court presentation (timelines, croquis, graphics, PowerPoint dynamic presentations), preparing defense theories and assisting during cross-examination. We know where to look for errors in the investigation no matter if it's a state or federal case!

Call us at 1.787.276-5619 | 1.787.931.7478 or email us at to see if we can help you.

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