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“Winning or losing a federal criminal case all depends on the investigation”

We investigate base on the 6th amendment… to have a compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in favor. At Covert Intelligence, LLC we will perform the investigation process necessary in each case. At Covert Intelligence, LLC we are trained to guarantee you the best investigation base on the book Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component Method – A Comprehensive Guide for the Criminal Defense Investigator.

The Component Method of Criminal Defense Investigation:

Philosophy and Methodology of Investigation
Law- Legal Defenses – Defense Theories
Forensic Case Review & Analysis – Component 1
The Defendant Interview – Component 2
Crime Scene Examination – Component 3
Impeachment/Background Inquiries – Component 4
Witness Interviewing & Statements – Component 5
Report Writing & Testifying – Component 6

Also Forensic & Specialized Topics can be part of our investigation:

Sex Crimes Investigations
Computer Forensics and Data Recovery Techniques
Blood Spatter Analysis / Blood Detection
Medical/Death Investigations
Homicide Investigation – Theory and Practice

Forensic Ballistic, Weapons & Projectile Trajectory 

Crime Scene Reconstruction

In every investigation, we need to confirm or dismiss an alibi, credibility of witnesses, and base on the National Legal Aid Defender. Attorneys have the duty to conduct an independent investigation regardless of the accuser’s admissions or statement to the lawyer of facts constituting guilt and the investigation should be conducted as promptly as possible. Also, the attorney has the duty to investigate the case before recommending that a guilty plea be taken or sought. An investigation is necessary for proper legal advice to the client and our investigators have special training that allows us to do a better job.

Covert Intelligence, LLC investigators are specialized as Federal Criminal Defense Investigators providing assistance in federal criminal cases and also can be appointed by the Criminal Justice Act guidelines (CJA) to act, provide, assist and represent defendants as an investigator.

Also assisting the defendant's legal representation in the gathering of evidence, information, identifying possible witnesses, interviews, taking sworn statements, crime scene photos, analyzing discovery evidence, preparing court presentation (timelines, croquis, graphics, PowerPoint dynamic presentations), preparing defense theories and assisting during cross-examination. We know where to look for errors in the investigation no matter if it's a state or federal case!

Meet Our Investigator


Fernando Fernández


Fernando Fernández is recognized for his adept and resourceful approach to complex criminal and domestic cases, establishing a global reputation for reliability, ingenuity, honesty, and unwavering attention to detail. Fernández's extensive qualifications include certifications as a Certified Criminal Defense Investigator, Criminal Profiling Specialist, Expert Witness, and Forensic Certified Investigator. Additionally, he has completed a comprehensive course in the Preparation of Forensic Reports, further enhancing his proficiency in delivering meticulous investigative analyses.

In his role as a investigator, Fernández collaborates independently and with local and international government authorities, law enforcement personnel, and attorneys. He has successfully cracked challenging cases, bringing justice and closure to all parties involved. 

Fernández's commitment to advancing forensic knowledge extends to his role as an  instructor in Blood Spatter Analysis, contributing to the professional development of those in the field. With a passion for education and a wealth of certifications, Fernández continues to be a trusted force in criminal investigations, leaving no case beyond the reach of his expertise and capabilities.

Some of the noteworthy cases conducted by Fernando include:

  • Investigated the alleged murder of Caylee Anthony, an infant whose mother was accused of first-degree murder in October 2008. The mother declared innocence, and Fernández followed leads suggesting the child was being held in Puerto Rico.

  • Played a crucial role in the FBI's massive assault on public corruption in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Coordinated efforts resulted in the arrest of 133 individuals, primarily police officers. Fernández unearthed exculpatory evidence for the sole defendant found innocent in this historic FBI operation.

  • Defended Christian Serrano Chang, an educator sentenced to life in 2014 for the murder of his two-year-old stepson, Dylan Díaz Santiago. Fernández, working as the defense investigator, discovered evidence indicating the child's injuries were caused by the mother, leading to Serrano Chang's acquittal in 2017.

  • Contributed to the exoneration of Jonathan Fleming, an ex-convict wrongly sentenced to life for a murder he did not commit. Working on the case in Puerto Rico, Fernández located and interviewed a crucial witness, supporting investigators Rob Rahn and Kim Anklin's evidence proving Fleming's innocence.

  • Assisted in efforts to apprehend the "Santurce Rapist," a perpetrator terrorizing and assaulting women in Santurce and neighboring areas. Fernández played a role in providing updated sketches developed by Forensic Artist Sheldon Borenstein to aid in the identification and capture of the offender.

  • Investigated the death of renowned obesity and metabolism specialist, Frank Suárez, aged 71, owner of Natural Slim. Despite the case being initially classified as suicide after he fell from his ninth-floor balcony, Fernández delved into the circumstances surrounding the incident adding two new well solid theories to the case.

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