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Covert Intelligence, LLC specializes in asset and bank account searches. We can find assets and bank accounts for judgment collection, divorces, probate, and court cases. Asset investigations work by uncovering exactly the collectible assets someone has. Whether you're investigating a business or individual, our dedicated research team will conduct specialist inquiries where necessary, and employ a range of techniques to bring the investigation to a conclusion. Our research specialists will use techniques to search for your subject's private accounts without his or her knowledge.


Covert Intelligence, LLC will locate all open bank accounts associated with the subject’s name and social security number. We will return the bank(s) name, address, phone number, account type, and approximate account balance, where available. No account numbers will be returned. This information is for finding facts only and is not admissible in court. Your attorney may subpoena all bank records (directly) from the bank once account(s) have been identified.


In compliance with the federal legislation, it should be stressed that at no time will the researcher ever utilize a pretext when dealing with banks and/or financial institutions, our research specialists will never misrepresent his or her true identity or attempt to impersonate the subject in any manner. All information developed in the course of these searches is obtained in a legal, ethical, honest and professional manner. Covert Intelligence, LLC operates in Full Compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and all privacy laws.

Research Services  


Assets Searches:


  • Statewide Bank Search Personal/ Business           

  • Nationwide Bank Search Personal/ Business       

  • Nationwide Brokerage Search   

  • Nationwide Bank & Brokerage Search Combination       

  • Canadian Province Bank Search

  • Canadian Bank Search   

  • International Bank Search per Country  

  • International Bank Search Worldwide


Insurance Research:


  • Workers Compensation Claim     

  • Insurance Claim Report

  • Historical Coverage        

  • Location Research          

  • Reverse PMB (Personal Mailbox)             

  • Reverse PO Box

  • Utility Search    


Employment Searches:


  • Place of Employment    

  • Employment History 


Identification Searches:


  • Social Security Numbers     

  • FEIN Search  

phone search.png

Phone Research:


  • Cell Acquisition

  • Name and Number from Address            

  • Name and Number from International Address 

  • Archived Phone Number              

  • Reverse Phone Number Cellular Line      

  • Reverse Disconnected Landline / Cell Line          

  • Reverse International Number  


Our Asset Search services are designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of individuals or entities. By selecting from the following list of investigation topics, you can tailor your inquiry to meet your specific needs:

Criminal Records
Police Arrests
Civil Court Cases (Subjects/Company)
Register Deeds
Commercial Transactions (Subjects/Company)
Property Tax Records
Corporation Records by Company Name
Banks (Institution and Amount) (Subjects/Company)
Puerto Rico Tax Records (Subjects/Company)
Vehicles and Driver’s License Record
Professional License
Sex Offenders Register
Bankruptcy Records (Subjects/Company)
Interview Previous Employer
Social Media (Subjects/Company)
Local News and Media (Subjects/Company)
Neighbors Interviews
College Records
Business Associations
Federal Court Record (Subjects/Company)
Boat Search

Our team of experts is committed to conducting a thorough investigation, ensuring that no stone is left unturned. Whether you are looking for financial insights, legal history, or personal background details, our Asset Search services provide the information you need to make informed decisions. Trust us to uncover the details that matter to you.

Contact us today to initiate a targeted and confidential Asset Search tailored to your unique requirements.

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