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What are Missing Persons Investigations?

Missing person investigations are simply the best way to find out the truth about anyone you cannot find.

On average, more than 800,000 people are reported as missing and are entered into the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) annually. Of these, 85%-90% are minors. These statistics do not include those who are unofficially missing such as those who have not been reported as missing persons.

One of the big problems with police-led missing person searches is simply that the term missing persons is so narrow. Police will only begin looking for a missing child at a specific amount of time after the child was last seen and by that time, it may be too late if the child has been kidnapped by a pedophile or child killer. Police are also reluctant, due to thinning resources, to search for people who voluntarily left home or for those who live on the streets. Even in a police-led missing person search, police will stop looking after a certain amount of time and will declare the case a cold case.

Police do their best with the resources they have, but law enforcement simply is not equipped to deal with the crime rates today. Anyone who wants real answers and fast needs to speak to a private investigator. A professional investigator will start looking for someone as soon as you feel uneasy and will continue to search as long as you are still looking for answers.


You can launch a missing person investigation to find:

  • Long lost loved ones or family members who have voluntarily disappeared or run away.

  • Fugitives you need to find.

  • Debtors for your money.

  • Missing persons who have been gone a long time and are part of a cold case.

  • Runaways and minors who have been kidnapped.

Basically, if you are worried about someone's whereabouts and wish to locate someone who is not easy to find, a qualified missing person investigator will be able to use advanced techniques to help find the person you are looking for.

Professional investigators use a number of techniques to find missing persons:

Fugitive recovery agents. These investigators are experts at locating fleeing criminals and debtors. They are not limited by the same laws as police and so can enter virtually any place they believe a criminal is hiding.

Physical searches by air, land, sea. Private investigators use a number of vehicles to search areas the average person has no access to.

Networking with other private investigators or paying informants. Private investigators often have extensive networks of people they can recruit to help them in a search.

Surveillance and videotaping. Investigators can observe places where a missing person is likely to be or can observe and track a suspect in a missing person case.

Searching hospitals and mortuaries. Private investigators can search through a number of facilities where a victim may be.

Doing background checks, questioning witnesses, and other investigative techniques. Private investigators can turn to others to isolate likely suspects or likely sources of aid in finding a missing person.

Meet Our Investigator


Fernando Fernández


Fernando Fernández, a licensed private investigator that had dedicated his expertise to pursuit of locating missing persons. His unwavering commitment has propelled him into the spotlight, earning recognition for his exceptional investigative skills both in Puerto Rico and on the international stage.

Throughout his distinguished career, Fernando has been entrusted with high-profile cases that demand a unique combination of strategic thinking, compassion, and tenacity. His ability to navigate complex scenarios and his relentless pursuit of the truth have made him a respected figure in the field of missing persons investigations.

Fernando is a professional Certified International Investigator by the Council of International Investigators (CII). This certification not only attest to his proficiency in the intricacies of international investigations but also highlight his dedication to upholding the highest standards of security and safety.

In the dynamic world of private investigation, Fernando Fernández stands out as a professional, bringing a wealth of experience, a proven track record, and a compassionate approach to every case he undertakes. His passion for reuniting families and solving complex cases has left an indelible mark on the realm of missing persons investigations, making him a trusted and reliable resource for those in search of answers.

Some of the noteworthy cases conducted by Fernando include:

  • Actively participates in ongoing efforts to locate Rolando "Rolandito" Salas Jusino, who was last seen playing in a park near his residence in Toa Baja on July 7, 1999, at the age of four. Despite the passage of time, Rolandito remains missing, and Fernández continues to contribute his expertise to the quest for answers regarding the disappearance of this young individual.

  •  Following the aftermath of Hurricane María, Nelson Jonathan, a young autistic individual, went missing, and Fernando has dedicated extensive efforts to locate him. Despite persistent endeavors, Nelson Jonathan remains missing to this day, and Fernández remains committed to the search for this individual, showcasing his dedication to finding missing persons in diverse circumstances.

  • Fernando played a crucial role in the investigation of the disappearance of Jean Carlos González Rivera, a 24-year-old security guard, reported missing on May 19, 2021. Tragically, Jean Carlos' body was discovered in an advanced state of decomposition on May 26, 2021, in a wooded area. Fernández's involvement in this case reflects his commitment to resolving complex situations in the realm of missing persons, even when the outcome is heartbreaking.

  • Brenda Lizette, a deaf woman adopted at an early age, harbored a determined desire to find her biological mother in adulthood. Thanks to Fernando, she achieved her long-awaited wish, highlighting Fernández's compassion and skill in reuniting families.

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