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Covert Intelligence, LLC is run by a licensed Puerto Rican Investigator with national and international experience in investigative and executive protection.  Our training standards are derived from the U.S. Secret Service, Israeli Defense Forces, and the U.S. and Puerto Rico Police training.  Also, our teams have undergone extensive emergency medical training, personal protection, and tactical firearms training.


Our Executives Protectors provide protective services in Puerto Rico. The protective detail services can include:

1. Planning and logistics, including the preparation of confidential health profile cards for each member of the team.

2. Pre-advance coordination with local police and local security.

3. Lodging and ground transportation security planning (include vehicle procurement).

4. Availability of TSCM (bug sweep) equipment, to verify the privacy of meeting rooms, hotel rooms, etc. This will be provided at no additional charge if need by the client.

5.  Professional Licensed armed security agents and a local limousine driver.  More agents could be added.

6.  Immediate availability of emergency medical bag or First Aid Kit with equipment.

7.  Advanced liaison with other transport modalities within the country and others ready to evacuate the country outside of the international airport (executive aircraft).

8. Constant monitoring of political, traffic and crime matters within Puerto Rico.

9. Radio communication equipment for the Executive Protection team and the client.

10. Availability to increase the protective team in any city for any special event or under special circumstances. 

       Interpreter on-site during the entire period through one of the EP agents.

11. Full security and local issues briefing for the client.  Basic defensive tactics short training available.

The services mentioned above will be personally performed and supervised by Covert Intelligence, LLC and hand-picked experienced bilingual professionals.

Everyone will be picked up by our armed security agents in a limousine (we can change the vehicle at any time).  The team will be driven to the hotel for a short briefing and exchange of information.

The local security agents will be in the hotel to pick up and drive the team to all events.  When the client and/or his family is at the hotel, then the EP agents will also remain at the hotel until the time requires by the client and ready for any eventualities, with them in a case to participate in any inside hotel activities or the hallway of floor rooms.

The EP team will plan all the local transportation and will consider the safest, fastest routes and alternate routes, hospitals, police stations, etc.  The EP team will have additional vehicles, resources and personal “on-call” ready to meet any unplanned events anywhere on the island.

We have available the following Executives Vehicles available for your secure transportation all over the island.

Yukon Fully Bulletproof Armored Vehicle Available

Yukon Fully Armored.jpg

Meet Our Executive Protection Agent


Fernando Fernández


With a robust background in private investigation and security, Fernando is a licensed Private Detective in both Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. His expertise extends to concealed carry, and he holds certifications as a Certified Special Protection Agent, Antiterrorism Specialist, First Aid and CPR responder for human and pets, as well as Certified in Homeland Security Level I and II.

Fernando has honed his skills through a series of comprehensive courses, including the National WMD Standardized Awareness Program, Counter-terrorism & Corporate Security, Conducting Transportation and Cargo Investigations, Active Shooter Intervention, Profiling and Intelligence Gathering, and Working Field Agent training.

His commitment to excellence is underscored by affiliations with esteemed organizations, notably the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board. Fernando brings a wealth of experience and a dedication to ensuring the safety and security of his clients through his continuous pursuit of knowledge and expertise in the field of executive protection.

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