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Spyware on cell phones is a real and present danger.


Do not make the mistake of assuming you are not vulnerable to cyber criminals wanting to steal your identity, your money, your secrets, and your life.


How comfortable are you knowing a cyber criminal can attach spyware to your cell phone from anywhere in the world to access your phone’s camera and microphone in real time?


How would your life change if all of your text messages, pictures, and online activity were made public or used as a weapon against you?


If you are like most of us, the exposure of everything on your cell phone would be both terrifying and debilitating, but you have a choice.  You do not have to be a victim.


The team at Covert Intelligence LLC powered by Black Swan Digital Forensics has developed a revolutionary program that scans and removes spyware from cell phones.  The process is quick and easy and performed wherever you are using the Covert Intelligence LLC's Remote Extraction machine.  And, nobody will view any of the information on your phone during the spyware scan.


Protect your digital life from those who want to harm you and exploit you.

Cellphone Forensic Puerto Rico Private I

The Black Swan Remote Extraction Machine will change how you do remote extractions of cell phones and tablets.


This all-in-one forensic device for extraction and analysis of mobile devices is on-site and on-demand. 


Eliminate the associated expense and extended wait times of typical digital analysis.


Simply connect a device quickly and conveniently to the BSRE Machine, and our forensics experts will provide you with a complete data extraction along with a #DigitalDNA report.

Cut your wait time and expenses for procuring #DigitalDNA. Black Swan’s proprietary machine will offer you half the cost and complete the procedure in a fraction of the time of a typical cell phone extraction!

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