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Lyanne Flores

Forensic Digital Analyst & Office Coordinator


Lyanne is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Advertising, specializing in Advertising Production Design. Additionally, she has a diploma as an Expert in Forensic Acoustics and Phonetics from the Ilustre Colegio Nacional de Peritos in Puebla, Mexico.

Her professional journey has encompassed growth in the fields of Digital Marketing, AV media analysis, and forensic cases. Lyanne has successfully merged her expertise with her passion for the arts, establishing her own entertainment media business.

As a Digital Media Analyst, Lyanne possesses specialized skills in radio production, audio recording, editing, and modification, along with advanced techniques in radio and music production. Her diverse training includes a broad spectrum, ranging from the fundamentals of graphic design to image capture and editing, encompassing illustrative and digital photography.

She has demonstrated a strong command of recording and editing television audiovisuals, showcasing advanced skills in television techniques and production concepts. Lyanne's extensive knowledge extends to editorial design, with a keen focus on digital development research.

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