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Covert Intelligence, LLC is a full service private investigative agency serving Puerto Rico, USVI, BVI, Dominican Republic, and the entire Caribbean region. Our company is dedicated to ensuring that your investigation is given the attention it deserves and handled in a timely and professional matter.


1. Are you being betrayed by your mate/partner?

2.  Wouldn’t you like to have the necessary proof to put your suspicions to rest once and for all?

3.  If so, Covert Intelligence, LLC will assist you in capturing that much-needed peace of mind.

Together we will take on a quest for evidence that will undoubtedly yield a greater acceptance of reality and provide the relief that comes with knowing the truth. Let professionals do the job the right way – and without the emotion that can blind you to important details – so that you have rock-solid evidence in court. If you suspect your partner is cheating, hire the experts at Covert Intelligence, LLC. to document the facts, or simply put your mind at ease.


We guarantee 100% accountability for all our private investigations. Our skilled and highly trained private investigators will handle your case exclusively to provide you with prompt and accurate information. From identity theft to cheating spouses, loss prevention to insurance fraud, our expert private investigative training enables us to specialize in various areas of investigations in Puerto Rico and in the Caribbean. Availability is key when it comes to private investigations and we can be reached at a moment’s notice to handle your assignment. Either locally or regionally At Covert Intelligence, LLC, our investigators are committed to your case and will approach it with a sense of urgency as we work diligently to achieve the results that will address your concerns. Knowing is a matter of trust, and you can be confident in the Puerto Rico private investigative services of Covert Intelligence, LLC.


We are the Puerto Rican and Caribbean detective agency you can count on. We are the pillar of reliability and will make sure that every Puerto Rico Investigation is handled with the utmost precision. When you need a private investigator in Puerto Rico or the entire Caribbean area, Call Covert Intelligence, LLC to handle your case. We are your best choice for private investigations in Puerto Rico, and if you are like many who seek the truth and need someone to guide them in the right direction you will find us to be the answer you need.

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