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Crime Scene Reconstruction

Anatomy is the same for every person. If a human is big, their anatomy is big. If a human is small, their anatomy is small. The heart is still a heart. The pelvis is still shaped like a pelvis. The height and width of a person do not affect anatomy placement, only their size as it relates to the rest of their body. If there is an abnormality, it will be cited in the autopsy reports/medical documents. They are written by vetted medical professionals. We take these absolute facts from the documents and visually reconstruct them.

Facial Age Progression

Covert Intelligence LLC can age someone’s face to any stage in their lives and accurately capture their likeness. This is highly valuable in a missing person case or cold case. He can recreate a variety of faces that subtly change depending on what kind of circumstances they might have gotten into and their socio-economic status.

Facial Reconstruction

Covert Intelligence LLC reconstructs facial features by observing the details on skeleton skulls. This provides important information on a missing person case or cold cases. Again, he gives each face subtle differences, taking into consideration how they might change depending on the situations they may have been in and their socio-economic status.















Covert Intelligence LLC can accurately draw and identify people of interest-based only on blurry, partial photos. The illustrations below were generated from the partial image captured on a surveillance camera in Puerto Rico – within six hours of releasing the illustrations to the media, the suspect was apprehended when a viewer identified him from the drawing.


Covert Intelligence LLC recreates the arson scene and can take it back to what it looked like before the fire. His animated illustrations can show where the fire began and how it grew in size and spread throughout the structure. He is able to depict where the accelerants were within the structure and how the fire behaved after it was ignited.

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Forensic Investigator - Covert Intellige
Forensic Artist - Covert Intelligence LL
Age Progression - Covert Intelligence LL
Forensic Artist - Covert Intelligence LL
Facial Identification - Covert Intellige
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