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Investigating Sexual Child Abuses Cases

Puerto Rico is the place with the highest number of registered sex offenders by territorial space. Covert Intelligence, LLC offers the seminar “Learning to Identify the Characteristics of a Sexual Predator”, in which the main characteristics of the sexual offenders and their behavior are explained. The seminar will help to identify the steps the pedophiles take to prepare a plan, to choose the victim and to execute the plan. Different kinds of sexual predators will be mentioned, and the different stages they get through. Besides, some prevention advice will be offered to prevent our children to be part of the statistics that is increasing at every moment. It will also be discussed, characteristics to consider when working this series of cases.

It will be explained what is Adam Code, Amber Alert, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Apps dangerous for teenagers, how to monitor your kids, Prevention methods, how to search sexual offenders in your area, and how to alert your community, the police and the agencies on their rights as a citizen regarding this social problem that afflicts Puerto Rico.

The seminar is ideal for: Investigator, Parents, Social Workers, Health Professionals, Students of Criminal Justice, Teachers, and EVERY PEOPLE interested in the security of their children and the community they live.

Surveillance Advance Techniques

Surveillance  and Monitoring; and the Use of Technology

You will learn to:

 1. Characteristics of a good investigator.

2. What do you u need to perform an effective monitoring.

3. Basic equipment, Advanced Equipment, Undercover Equipment

4. Requirements and how to prepare your vehicle for carrying out surveillance.

5. How to make an effective Pre-Surveillance.

6. Advanced Tracking techniques in car, with one or more cars.

7. Follow-up techniques on foot with one or more persons.

8. How to make video footage and photos during the surveillance or monitoring that are admitted in court, by insurance companies or the most demanding client.

9. How to prepare a report of surveillance and monitoring and the different types of reports.

10. Use of Drones and its regulations, as well as all the undercover equipment will be live so that you can see its                     operation including vehicular trackers and hidden cameras AND MUCH MORE…

11. Introduction to firearms and projectile striations.

Interview and Interrogation Techniques and the Art of Detecting Liars

Would you like to know which are the most effective techniques to know if someone lie to you? Do you want to obtain information from someone you don’t know how to ask? The well-known International Investigator Fernando Fernandez, owner of Covert Intelligence, LLC with more than 10 years of experience in the field of investigation will help you to be prepared from beginning to end in the art of interviewing, so that you can become an expert in detecting lies. In the seminar: Interview and Interrogation, you will know the most effective techniques to obtain information through techniques and practical recommendations used globally even today,  in professional investigation agencies. Do not miss the opportunity and be part of the professionals that have become in expert in detecting lies; and have obtained substantial information of the issues they investigate.

The participants will also watch practical videos of how to understand the concepts of body language, and micro and macro expressions.

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