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Ingrid Figueroa, B.A.C.J- M.F.I., F.D.E.


Associated Investigator & Office Manager

Forensic Document Examiner & Handwriting Expert

Highly trained research associate in the areas of science forensics in civil and criminal investigation, specializing in the study of
documentation and calligraphy. Ingrid earn a Bachelor Degree of the National University College of Puerto Rico  in Criminal Justice with interest in Forensic Investigation, a specialization of the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, in Spain in Forensic documentoscopy and Report Preparation, and a second specialization  of the Universidad Antonio de
Nebrija in Spain in Forensic Calligraphy and Graphology. She has got the credentials to focus on Interview people with forensic investigative techniques, search for details linked to a case, carry out surveillance tasks, gather information, collect evidence to be presented at trials, conduct civil and criminal investigations, deal with legal documents and court summons and investigate the background of people and companies.

She has demostrate for 5 years her excellent communication skills, the ability to conduct interviews to obtain information, familiar with the signs of false testimony and lies, able to get answers from non-cooperative people in the information provision and has being able to deal with aggressive and violent people.


As highly analytical, she has observation skills, ability to evaluate different circumstances and to identify possible clues, has the ability to work on several cases at the same time and prepare reports based on the findings of an investigation. She works effectively in assessing circumstances and in Covert Intelligence LLC we trust in her high levels of integrity, morality, honesty and responsibility.

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