Covert Intelligence, LLC Is a Full-Service Private Investigative Agency Serving the Entire Puerto Rico, USVI, BVI and Dominican Republic...

Infidelity Investigations

Computer Forensics

What are Background Checks?

Today’s Background Checks are about a lot more than just criminal checks.

In today's fast-pace society, it is important...

Due Diligence

"When it's important, pick a professional to do the RIGHT JOB."

Covert Intelligence, LLC is run by a licensed Puerto Rican Investigator with national and international experience in investigative and executive protection...

At Covert Intelligence, LLC we are trained to take your fingerprints for any pre-employment application, we have done these kind of services for persons...

"Winning or losing a federal criminal case all depends on the investigation"...

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Covert Intelligence, LLC

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At Covert Intelligence, LLC  we possess one of the best computer expert in the field in Puerto Rico with over 14 years of experience...

Background Checks


Around the World, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica and Colombia

Executive Protection

1.787.276.5619 (9AM-5PM) / 1.787.931.7478 (24hrs)

Criminal Investigations

Entering a business relationship or considering litigation often requires a due diligence investigation. You need to ensure that the prospective partner...

PMB 255 PO BOX 6022
Carolina, PR, 00984-6022
Tel. 787-276-5619

PMB 255 PO BOX 6022
Carolina, PR, 00984-6022
Tel. 787-276-5619

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