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Lyanne Flores

Forensic Digital Media Analyst

Lyanne Flores is a professional Media Investigator and Forensic Analyst with a Bachelor Degree in Arts with a concentration in Commercial Advertising and Interest in Advertising Production Design of the University of Puerto Rico. Specializing in Graphic Design Fundamentals, Illustrative Photograph, Digital Photograph and Image Capture, Radio Production Audio Recording & Edit, Advance Radio Techniques & Production Concepts, Television Video Recording & Edit, Advance Television Techniques & Production Concepts, Publishing Design, Investigative Research in Digital Development. 

In Covert Intelligence LLC she has been focused in video & audio comparison and analysis using Artificial Intelligence and many others forensic software tools. She also works with forensic evidence collection and interpretation. AV forensic analysis, social media investigations, audiovisual material production, webpages management and live program production are some of the tasks she performs for the company.

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