Fernando Fernández, PI, BAI, CCDI, CII, CAS


Fernando Fernandez is a licensed private investigator with a proven 10-year track record of solving cases across the Caribbean and United States. From his home base in Puerto Rico, Fernandez is well known for creatively and efficiently handling complex criminal and domestic investigations and has developed a worldwide reputation for his reliability, ingenuity, honesty, and impeccable attention to detail. 

Working independently, as well as with local and international government authorities, law enforcement personnel, and attorneys, Fernando Fernandez has cracked some of the most difficult cases and brought justice and closure to all parties involved. From large scale criminal and corporate investigations like tracking down fugitives from justice and exposing multi-million dollar insurance scams, to personal, single client-based investigations like finding missing persons or conducting background checks, no case is beyond the scope or capabilities of this veteran PI. 

Passion and dedication, experience and intuition, credentials and education, Fernando Fernandez brings all the weapons of the most successful private investigators to bear in his work. His previous 10-years’ experience as a computer specialist gives him a unique edge and enables him to stay at the forefront of cybernetic investigations and all the latest detection technologies. Fernandez' varied workload includes areas like lie detection, undercover surveillance, interrogations, fraud investigation, missing persons, fugitive search, and of course computer forensics and cyber-crimes, among others. In addition, he also boasts some of the most prestigious and sought after certifications in the field of private investigation: certified counter-terrorism specialist, certified fingerprint specialist, certified email tracing investigator, certified criminal defense investigator, forensic photography specialist and board accredited investigator. He is a member of 8 international PI organizations and is constantly circling the globe, meeting with the best and brightest in his field to share knowledge and stay in the vanguard of innovation. 

Fernando Fernandez has been featured in all major Puerto Rican publications, TV and Radio broadcasts, as well as international media venues like PI Declassified, Voice of America, and others. He's a published author and contributor for trade publications like PI Magazine and International Intelligence Network's newsletter. 

Fernando Fernandez graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Caribbean Forensic and Technical College in 2004 and achieved one of the highest grades of the year on his Private Investigator Exam. In 2013 & 2014, his colleagues at the World Association of Detectives honored Fernando by nominating him Investigator of the Year. His first novel “Paradise Undercover”, depicting life and work as a PI in the Caribbean Islands, is scheduled for release in January 2015.

CEO and Principal Investigator

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